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24 May 2007 @ 09:41 pm
So It Begins (Friday Night Lights)  
Title: So It Begins
Author: The Brat Queen
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Characters/Pairing: Tami and Julie Taylor
Summary: Tami's little girl isn't quite as little anymore.
Rating: G
Word Count: 894
Note: Thanks to anomilygrace for the beta.

A slam of the front door told Tami that her daughter was home. That meant there was an hour until Eric had said he would come home, and an hour and a half to two hours until he would actually come home. It all depended on whether he looked up from game tapes long enough to notice the sun going down.

"Hey," Julie said as she came into the kitchen. She opened up the door to the snacks cabinet and stared. There was a high likelihood she was debating whether or not her latest urge to eat foods that were cruelty-free (prompting her father to ask "How is any food actually - carrots, cows, they all die, don't they?") mattered when the foods in question were things like corn chips or store brand oatmeal cookies.

"Dinner's when Dad gets home," Tami told her, not looking up from where she was reading the paper. Her voice was neutral: not telling Julie what to do, just putting information out there for her to make a decision about. "Got some carrots in the fridge."

Julie closed the cabinet door. "I'm not hungry."

"Everything at school all right?" Tami asked. She turned a page. An ad with far too many exclamation points told her that peanut butter was buy one get one until Monday.

"Sure." Julie gave a one shouldered shrug. She went to the refrigerator to get some juice. A glass came next. Since the start of the school year, juice boxes had been left untouched in the pantry, a silent indication that that was the sort of thing done in the fourth grade.

"Need me to take you to the library for your homework?" Tami asked. In her mind she could picture the necessary changes to her calendar if the answer was yes: move bake sale prep here, PTA work there, switch picking up dry cleaning to the morning instead of after school.

"Nah." Julie sat down across from her. She ran her thumb up and down the side of her glass. Droplets of condensation slipped down onto the flowered place mat.

"So this weekend - " Tami put her paper down as casually as she was attempting to make this suggestion " - I was thinking you and I could go do a little shopping."

A flicker of blue eyes indicated that Julie had no idea what Tami had in mind. "Okay."

"Just you and me," Tami told her. "Mother daughter time. Get some lunch, hit some stores."

"Okay." Julie took a long sip of her drink.

Tami tried to look Julie in the eyes without making it obvious that she was doing it. Or that this was a parenting moment that Julie was now in the middle of whether she wanted to be or not. "We could get some nice dresses - got that party coming up - maybe some shoes. And I think visit the lingerie department. For us."

"O - " There was the eye contact. Julie's eyes snapped up and met Tami's waiting gaze. " - kay, um, what?"

"Bras," Tami said. She put the word out there matter-of-factly. No big deal. Just a word. Of course saying it now made Tami remember exactly how she'd felt when it'd been her on the other end of this conversation. But she kept her calm. She wanted Julie to understand that this was a woman's moment, and that there was no shame in it even if looks from your classmates made you feel otherwise. "I think you're old enough. You should have something good. Something that fits. Something you like."

Julie's cheeks were bright red. "Mom, I - I never said - "

Tami leaned forward. She slid her hand across the table to place it near Julie's. "It's not a matter of saying. It's something we do. We hit a time when we have to add a little something to our wardrobe, is all."

Julie folded her arms across her stomach. She slumped down in her chair, saying nothing.

"If you want I can get something for you," Tami said. "I can guess your size. I could stop by the store tomorrow and get you something nice. Something pretty. You could try it on and if it doesn't work - "

"No." Julie shifted in her chair. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "No. I'll go. This weekend. It'll be fine."

"We'll have a good lunch," Tami promised. "Get some greasy cheeseburgers and have ourselves some hot fudge sundaes."

"After," Julie said. She gave a firm nod, as though having thought of this meant she now approved of the venture. "Shopping, then lunch."

"How about the diner by I-40?" Tami said, picking a place that had sit down meals, good food, and was one they rarely got to go to.

"That's good." Julie stood up and brought her glass to the sink. "I've got homework."

"I'll call you when dinner's ready," Tami promised.

"Thanks." Julie vanished in the direction of her room. The nerves hadn't entirely gone, but Tami could see a hint of excitement in her daughter's face as well.

Tami smiled to herself as she resumed reading her paper. One teenage obstacle down, Lord knew how many more to go.
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This is lovely.
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Yay! Thank you!
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This is so perfect -- it's exactly how Tami would try to handle it. Thank you!
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Thank you!
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aw, this is such a sweet and perfect moment between these two.
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Thank you!