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Mod Notice

In the wake of the Strikethrough drama - which I'm sure everyone knows more than enough about - there are at least six challenges running right now that I know of. So we're opting to wait to run our Father's Day challenge in late June instead. We'll post the list for claiming around then. In the meantime, you can still post to our List of Father's to make the list more complete when we post it for claiming. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email us, or to post a response to any of the mod posts and we'll get back to you! Thank you again to those who participated in our Mother's Challenge, and for those who still haven't gotten their stories in - feel free to still post them if you have them done! And by all means - keeping pimping the comm so we get an even bigger response for the Daddies! Because Daddies need love too!
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(no subject)

Stories and authors are linked below! This post will be edited as late stories come in. If there's no link, then the author hasn't (yet) turned in their story! If you want to read it, you have modly permission (not that you need it) to go whine to the author who claimed them.

Keep a look out for claims to open for Father's Day!

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Writing is it's own reward...but since I like the gift of giving as well...

The results are in!

rejeneration, oraclejenn & thebratqueen, please respond with which LJ account you would like the 2 months credit applied to!

As promised, a prize for each and everyone who met the challenge! Please feel free to use anywhere you like. I'd appreciate it if you uploaded them to your own webspace (photobucket, imageshack, etc), but they'll be on my photobucket until next year at least. :)

PLEASE, please, let me know if I've misspelled any and I WILL fix and reupload!!
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(no subject)

The Deadline is now past! If you have late stories, you are by ALL MEANS encouraged to post them anyways! Let the reading and the joy and the motherly affection begin. We've had 14 authors submit 15 stories with promises of a few more coming in after the deadline! That is a GREAT response for a random seed of an idea, I think.

For those of you who submitted your stories on time, we have a bit of a surprise. Your usernames will be dropped into a hat (once for each story, if you submitted more then one), or bag, or whatever I happen to have handy around the desk. Three will be randomly drawn and those three will receive TWO months of paid LJ time to the account of their choice. All our participants who submitted a story should be receiving a little something as well in the next few days.

Thank you all so much for your participation and enthusiasm! Remember to keep linking and telling people about this comm, as we'll be doing the Ultimate Father Fic Challenge next month!!

Rain Child (Eureka)

Title: Rain Child
Author: melayneseahawk
Fandom: Eureka
Characters: Allison Blake, Kevin Blake
Summary: The hardest part of raising an autistic savant isn’t the silent spells, or the days when he talks and talks and she can’t understand a word.
Rating: G

Fic's a little short, but the mods said it was ok. My second one should be up tomorrow.

(Rain Child | G | 200 words | complete)
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Homefront (Vorkosigan Saga)

Series: Lois McMaster Bujold's "Vorkosigan Saga"
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The Vorbarras and the rest of the Vorkosoverse belong to LMB.
Notes: Thank you to avariecaita for being a great beta on a short deadline! And to Patricia Polacco for writing Thunder Cake and inspiring my own family's tradition.
Warnings: Spoilers for Shards of Honor. Also, it makes a heck of a lot more sense if you've read Barrayar too.
Summary: Kareen does what she can to hold things together. It will do for now.

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smoke in my eyes

now it's the devil i love (Supernatural)

title: now it's the devil i love
author: acidquill
disclaimer: don't own em.
fandom: Supernatural
characters: Mary Winchester, mentions of the rest of the family
rating: pg-13
warnings: vague SPOILERS for 2x21. & a dark-ish tint overall.
word count: 682
notes: this is my attempt at explaining a few things about Mama Winchester post AHBL. thanks to Mel for giving it a read over. for the Motherly Love fic challenge at loveforthefolks. & I've just realised that this might not be what they meant when they said 'something their kids would think of years later when they think of their mom as being quintessentially MOM.' Bother.

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