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Love for the Folks

Celebrating the parental units in Fandom

Motherly Love Fic Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
The Motherly Love Comm Membership is open to join, but posting is limited to challenge mods for the moment. If you intend to claim a Mom, or more than one Mom, please read and understand the following rules

1. The Master List of Moms is a tool, not the be-all end-all. It's highly possible some mom somewhere was missed. If you want to write about a mom not listed, then have at it. Just make a comment on the Master List so she can be added. This is a multi-fandom challenge. Meaning any mom, from any fandom is eligible. This is a challenge for fictional characters only, though. No RPF. (Real Person Fic)

2. You can claim up to three (3) moms and three prompts. The prompts are there for aids, they are not necessary. If you want to work without them, feel free. Only one person can claim each prompt, but each mom can have multiple claims. Because more awesome mom-fic is good. We won't be restricting how many people claim each mom, just how many claims each writer can take. For the sake of sanity. Claims will be open until Wednesday, the 2nd of May.

3. All stories MUST feature a mom from fandom (for the sake of simplicity, we're going with CANON mothers. No AU's or future-verse things.) in a major or starring role acting in a mom-like way. This will of course different from fandom to fandom, character to character. For Sarah Connor, it may be teaching her son how to shoot. For Molly Weasley, it may be baking a pie. It all depends on what they would do. Consider it something their kids would think of years later when they think of their mom as being quintessentially MOM.

4. ALL STORIES MUST BE 500 WORDS OR LONGER. 500 words is not that long to manage, I think everyone can reasonably manage that in the time allowed.

5. The comm is free to be joined, and right now posting is maintainer-only. It will be opened up a few days before the due date so people can post their stories.

6. ALL STORIES ARE DUE ON THE 25th of MAY! Which is late for Mother's Day, but if this proves to be a success, we'll start earlier next year.

This challenge is maintained by lorax and maleficently. If you have any questions you can email them to loveforthefolks (at) gmail (dot) com

You can find the list of Moms available for claiming here.
And the prompt list here.

Please note that if there is interest, we'll run another challenge in June for Father's Day! So let us know if you'd be interested!